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Pat Hull

Pat Hull is a singer-songwriter from Connecticut who currently calls Chico, CA his home. He has built a devoted following there and a burgeoning reputation nationwide as both an excellent songwriter and remarkable vocalist. Nerdist recently proclaimed that Pat "has the greatest voice that you probably haven’t heard” and “His gentle folk missives feel like a time capsule to a lost era, or one that has yet to happen.” The summer of 2017 will be a memorable one for Pat, and a milestone in his creative catalog. The release of Marrow marks the second of two studio albums he has now put out within months of each other (the previous release Origami Sessions came out in May 2017 and features songs recorded live to tape and sold on vinyl).

Pat's previous releases,  Light and Shed Skin were recorded and produced in Bennington, VT with engineer JJ Beck and vocalist Michael Chinworth. The new collaborative effort brought a vocally and lyrically charged center to Pat’s songwriting. Before this collaboration and joining Subtle Soup Records, Pat released 3 albums from Chico, CA with engineer/producer Scott Barwick: Forever's Night (2009), Pat Hull (2009), and Fable Names (2010).

Immediate reactions were to Hull’s Neil Young-huffing-helium vocal range, but after those early assessments, we all realized that he was a goddamn genius.
— Portland Mercury



From june (2016)

From Shed Skin (2013)

From Light (2011)