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Old Robes

The Spider and the Spectator is now available!

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...the act came to resemble not so much a band but an avant garde collaboration where any curiosity could be followed and developed. The result was a full-length album, The Spider and the Spectator.

...Opening with discordant drum machines, the song [The Spider and the Spectator] falls into a frantic rhythm, the shared vocals surrendering to the flow and motion. Various guitar lines and loops arc across this canvas, the vocals entwining and overlapping into a network of words and phrases, taking on an almost ritualistic edge—distinct energies collected and combined, then offered toward some higher purpose.
— Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames

“I have carried this music inside me, like a dream, since I was fourteen years old,” musician Daniel Munkus reflects. “For twenty-four years, I struggled and failed to bring it to life, until one night I woke from a literal dream. In that dream, I dreamt of a stained glass spider. It was crawling all over the walls of my darkened bedroom. It illuminated everything it touched with a technicolor web. The room was translucent and magical. I stood in the dream, marveling, and thought to myself that we all have the right to do what this spider is doing. We all have the right to weave our own creative web. When I woke from that dream, I shook my wife awake and told her, ‘Honey, The Spider and the Spectator, it's real.’ That moment of acknowledgment, and my embrace of the irrational, became the seed of transformation for both myself and the trio.” For full bio, click here.

Old Robes is an electronic looping trio founded in 2012 in Brooklyn, NY by Daniel Munkus, Heather Sommerlad, and Rachel Epp. The name "Old Robes" is taken (with permission) from a song written by California's virtuoso post/prog-rock band From Monument to Masses (now disbanded). Old Robes takes that mantle seriously in their attempt to not only honor the impact of FMTM on their own music, but to connect it meaningfully with other band influences. As such, their music combines the structural sensibilities and energetic sounds of 20th-century minimalist composers like Steve Reich with the electronic song-scapes of more experimental bands like Radiohead and Junip.