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Michael Chinworth

As a singer, Michael Chinworth has played a prominent role in the development of established New York City acts such as Anawan and Horse’s Mouth, as well as California’s Pat Hull. His vocal and performance abilities have also established him as a much sought after performer in experimental theatre troupes within NYC and the surrounding region.

Michael Chinworth was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and rural Indiana. He first encountered music on stage in the church choir and in school musicals. He went on to study music composition at Bennington College where he experimented with many musical languages and practices with Allen Shawn, Nick Brooke, and Kitty Brazelton. His post-college tutelage with voice teacher Tom Bogdan began a journey that has not ceased.

With the release of Rudder Songs, he confidently steps to the front of the stage and studio, acting as both lead singer/song interpreter as well as producer/arranger.

The voice that Michael has worked to perfect over the years is, in a word, perfect; his talent goes way beyond the boundaries of the work he has done with Anawan, and I can’t wait for the world to catch wind of it and embrace his gift.
— Trevor Wilson of Anawan