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Subtle Soup Records actively works to partner it's roster of artists with both traditional and non-traditional media and art production companies. Whether it's through song placement and syncing, or by pairing one of our composers with a film director or theater troupe, we believe that music has no boundaries and neither should music supervisors.

No matter what media it is, we work to provide production companies with the unique sounds, songs, and scores that will enhance their artistic vision and surpasses their wildest expectations. For more info on how we work and what we can do for you, or to hear samples from our catalog of custom cues, send us an email by clicking here or by emailing us directly at

Work From 2016


Pat Hull's "Shed Skin" In Dahlia Cassandra Book Trailer

Congrats to author Nathaniel Kressen on the upcoming release of his newest novel, Dahlia Cassandra!

We were honored when Nathaniel requested the use of Pat Hull's "Shed Skin" for the book trailer. Pat's music (which also features the voice talents of Michael Chinworth and the production style of J.J. Beck) compliments the haunting imagery and language of the book trailer perfectly.

Check it out below and be sure to order your copy of the book at

Click here to listen to Pat Hull's "Shed Skin" in full:

Nathaniel Kressen's previous work, the critically praised Concrete Fever, was a Bestselling Independent Novel at Strand Book Store and has been described as being “Expertly-paced. Dark. Gorgeous.” – The Rumpus

Work From 2015

Daniel Munkus of our very own Old Robes had the pleasure of creating a really fun piece of music for NBC's Earth Week Celebration. The music was for a short video called "No Food Wasted" giving you great ideas on how to turn leftovers into delicious new meals. Yum!

Enjoy the video and Earth Week Y'All!

We recently had the pleasure of creating the theme song and scoring the ambient music for an awesome podcast called The Point of Attachment. This fascinating podcast explores how we interact everyday with brands, design, and storytelling, and how those things get under our skin and hook us.

Coincidentally, Daniel Munkus of Old Robes finished the music just in time for Valentine's Day - the subject of their first podcast which features our music. Check it out below and learn everything you ever wanted to know about love and candy (or Red Velvet Oreo cookies). Listen all the way through and hear their shout-out to us!

Work From 2014