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Showcase Featuring Composer J.J. Beck (with Tim Haufe, Aviva Jaye, Elsa Nilsson & Jon Cowherd)


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Showcase Featuring Composer J.J. Beck (with Tim Haufe, Aviva Jaye, Elsa Nilsson & Jon Cowherd)

Join us on February 19th, 2016 for a live performance by composer J.J. Beck, with sets before-hand by Tim Haufe, Aviva Jaye, and a set afterward by the Elsa Nilsson & Jon Cowherd Duo at Caffe Vivaldi.

J.J. Beck graduated from Bennington College in 2006 with a BA in Music Composition and Performance concentrated around piano.  He continued his studies in New York City under jazz pianist and arranger Frank Ponzio. He is also the lead engineer and one of the founders of Akin Studios in Hoosick Falls, NY, where he currently composes.

As the beneficiary of his father’s musical lineage (his father is noted jazz guitarist Joe Beck), J.J.'s music naturally draws from the harmonically and rhythmically rich, complex music of his father but is truly driven by his own sense of innovation.  The results reveal influences from Thelonious Monk, Claude Debussey, Maurice Ravel, Olivier Messiaen, Arvo Part, Radiohead, Jason Moran, Robert Glasper, and Jaki Byard.

J.J. Beck's compositions can be heard here.

His studio work as Phantom Abraham can be heard here.

New York-based jazz guitarist and singer-songwriter Tim Haufe will be opening the showcase, followed by folk-soul vocalist Aviva Jaye. Closing out the night will be jazz-flutist Elsa Nilsson and pianist Jon Cowherd. Nilsson and Cowherd's performance will be part of the Composers Now Festival which celebrates and honors living composers, the diversity of their voices and the significance of their contributions to the cultural fabric of our society. Full bios on each artist are available below the show details.

Tim Haufe's music can be heard here.

Aviva Jaye's music can be heard here.

The Elsa Nilsson & Jon Cowherd Duo can be heard here.

Click here for a link to the Facebook event.

Tim Haufe - 7:00pm
Aviva Jaye - 8:00pm
J.J. Beck - 9:00pm
The Elsa Nilsson & Jon Cowherd Duo - 10pm

Event Details:

Friday Feb. 19th, 2016
Caffe Vivaldi
32 Jones St.
New York, NY 10014
1 (212) 691-7538


Tim Haufe grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY.  He began writing songs at age 11.  By the time he was a young man, he had already written a significant catalogue of original music.  Influenced greatly by the neo-folk music prevalent in the Hudson Valley region where he grew up, Tim began playing around the area as a solo acoustic act, while maintaining a multi-instrumentalist role for his recording projects. His latest release, A Whim and Some Faith, was out 8/9/14 and has received critical acclaim. In 2011, Haufe graduated from Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont, where he received his bachelor's degree in Music Performance.  He currently lives in New York City, where he teaches and performs, striving to establish for his music the grand reputation that it deserves.

Aviva Jaye is a musician, performing artist and composer who loves connecting with people at the intersection of heart, brain and art. A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Brooklyn, she is dedicated to empathy and diversity through music. From the studio to the stage, Aviva takes a homespun approach to her own compassionate expression, using minimal acoustic instruments and equipment to share raw material that still shimmers with a certain finesse. Her songwriting is a clear contribution to the refined sound that results, with simple yet haunting motifs and transparent lyrics. Fans of a trained professional who draws from the simplicity of Simon & Garfunkel, the depth of Feist, the clarity of Regina Spektor and the comfort of an old American musical theatre number will be pleased.

A self-identified black, bi, feminist girl, Aviva has enjoyed working and volunteering as a youth counselor and academic tutor, literacy advocate, GLBTQ and feminist activist and proactive citizen of the world. Equality of global proportions and dauntless loving and living is her passion, and she looks forward to connecting with others through artistic collaboration and storytelling, travel and social activism.

Swedish-born flute player Elsa Nilsson's music is profoundly playful and widely influenced. “The beauty of music is how it transcends cultural boundaries,” states Nilsson. She highlights this in her compositions by mixing cultural elements to create a sound that is distinctly her own. Nilsson has built a solid career and reputation upon her belief that all folk music (including jazz) has a common thread, and that by weaving those threads together, a deeper, more complete understanding among varying cultures can be reached.

The Kentucky-born, New Orleans-schooled, New York-based pianist Jon Cowherd is best known for his long-running partnership with drummer/bandleader Brian Blade, with whom he co-founded the Brian Blade Fellowship, The Fellowship’s highly acclaimed albums showcase Cowherd's stellar keyboard work and singular compositional skills. When not recording and touring with the Fellowship, Cowherd has worked extensively with a broad array of musicians from the jazz, pop and rock worlds.

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