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droneclone scores "Illusions"


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droneclone scores "Illusions"

Subtle Soup Records artist droneclone flexes his cross-disciplinary muscles and scores a new theatrical work...


Written by Ivan Viripaev
Translated + Directed by Cazimir LiskeFeaturing Anthony Gaskins, Stephanie Hayes, Annie Purcell, and Mickey Solis
U.S. PremiereSep 17 - 20 + 23 - 24, 2014

“It's like a bedtime story gone awry. The threat is our inability to make sense of a shifting universe, to really know another human being and keep love constant.” – The Guardian

BAC presents the U.S. Premiere of celebrated contemporary Russian playwright Ivan Viripaev's Illusions, translated and directed by American theater artist Cazimir Liske, a Moscow Art Theatre School graduate. Through intertwining stories of two married couples, Illusions playfully unravels paradoxes of passion and death, loyalty and betrayal, truth and fiction, in a darkly comedic examination of true love.

BAC Resident Artist Cazimir Liske developed this production of Illusions in residence at BAC.
Scroll to read the BAC Story and watch the video from his residency.

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Join BAC for a Pre-Performance Conversation with Ivan Viripaev and Cazimir Liske!
Sep 17 at 7PM / Studio 4A
Free Admission / Reservations Required

Reserve Free Admission to Pre-Performance Conversation Here