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Subtle Soup Records

Subtle Soup Records is a tight-knit collective of seven musicians who originally met while performing at various venues within the five boroughs of NYC. Between the years 2007-2013, the musicians collaborated closely with each other, forming creative bonds and a shared sense of future-purpose.

In response to these deepening ties, the label was formed in 2014 in Brooklyn, NY and has since supported the release of many full length albums and EPs, with our artists often sharing performance and writing credits with others on the label. Subtle Soup Records also holds showcases in NY where we carefully curate a full night of great music by both label artists, and their favorite supporting bands.

Since the label's formation, the seven artists have moved to various locations spanning the United States, but still manage to collaborate closely with each other via the digital life, and through creative retreats and reunions.

All of our artists remain completely independent, so if you’re another record label or media company interested in working with one of our artists, please feel free to reach out to them directly or through our contact form. Seeing our artists make waves via any means is our happiest dream.

Happy listening.